Partnership Hera-MI & TéléDiag

Published on 24 March 2021

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Hera-MI & TéléDiag sign a partnership agreement

With its 450 radiologists and 143 partner establishments across the country, TéléDiag is delighted to put its large network of expert radiologists in breast cancer diagnosis at the service of Hera-MI.

Hera-MI is a French company created in April 2017, which has developed Breast-SlimView, a CE certified and patented software to aid in the diagnosis of breast cancer, based on Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this collaboration, Hera-MI benefits from the invaluable help of the #KeyDiag solution and the expertise of TéléDiag radiologists for its clinical validation work of its 2D & 3D breast imaging AI software for the benefit of greater number.

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