Fujifilm & AI

2 May 2019

Interview of Fujifilm France
Marketing & Strategic Director

Lionel Sanglé-Ferrière – Marketing & Strategic Director at Fujifilm France:

“The presence of Hera-MI on our booth at the JFR was an opportunity to formalize the scientific and commercial partnership between our two companies.By backing the IA Breast-SlimView® software solution to our medical devices, many radiologists and patients will benefit from the synergy of our respective innovations.Through a panel of innovative features, Breast-SlimView® focuses the Senologist’s attention on the relevantsuspiciousareas, the radiologist is at the center of the decision in afluent workflow.AI will be able to detect anomalies sometimes difficult to detect andconcretelyassist radiologists in their diagnosis.Hera-MI reduces the time radiologists spend on cases considered as not being problematic. Hera-MI’s AI solution is therefore intended to assist Senologists without replacing them.”

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