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The patented clinical decision support software for 2D/3D mammography: Breast-SlimView

Hera-MI has developed Breast-SlimView, a patented clinical decision reading system for 2D/3D mammography. Breast-SlimView offers an innovative and disruptive reading support where only relevant information is displayed. Radiologists will be able to free themselves from overloaded information and visualize potentially suspicious areas at a glance.

The patent is based on mammography exams negation. Breast-SlimView’s algorithm automatically detects and remove all normal physiological areas (vessels, glandular tissue, fatty tissue and mammary gland) and replace them by artificial fat.

Artificial Intelligence will enable radiologists to decrease the time they spend on non-problematic cases and spend extra time on more complicated ones. Hera-MI will help radiologists to focus on their core business, which is their added value, the analysis of potentially suspicious areas.

Breast-SlimView was thought by a radiologist, for radiologists.

In order to offer technological and innovative solutions for breast cancer early detection, Hera-MI wishes to use automated learning techniques and images processing. These solutions will improve the diagnosis quality and accuracy while decreasing radiologists’ interpretation time.

Hera-MI’ solutions will optimize breast cancer screening program accessibility. Patients will be treated more quickly which will offer them more chances to be cured from breast cancer.

Based on a technological innovation, Breast-SlimView includes several innovative features:

  • An informative analysis tool for 2D/3D mammography imaging,
  • An innovative diagnosis reading support.


Breast-SlimView future projects:

In the future, Hera-MI plans to develop and adjust Breast-SlimView to be used for other types of cancer such as lung cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.



Hera-MI has received EC mark approval for its software. Hera-MI will begin the installations in February 2020. Being CE Medical Device certified, Breast-SlimView will be sold in Europe, North Africa and Middle East without any extra regulatory adaption work.

Hera-MI’s goal is to quickly implement an export development strategy in Europe, USA and Middle East.

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