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Hera-MI’s history & value proposition

Hera-MI is a French company headquartered in Nantes. The company was founded in April 2017 by Ms. Sylvie Davila, who graduated from a PhD in Biology and an Executive MBA from Audencia Business School.

Specialized in digital medical imaging applied to breast cancer, Hera-MI has developed clinical decision support solutions to help improve early-stage breast cancer detection. Our solutions improve the quality and accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis while decreasing radiologists’ interpretation time. Patients will be treated more quickly, offering them a better chance of remission.

Hera-MI has developed Breast-SlimView, a clinical decision support software based on Artificial Intelligence and image processing for breast cancer diagnosis. Hera-MI sells Breast-SlimView directly to radiologists as well as through our partner, Fujifilm. Fujifilm sells Breast-SlimView in France and in the Overseas Territories of France (DROM/TOM). Breast-SlimView is also available for sale all over the world.

Origin of « Hera-MI » name

The name ‘‘Hera-MI’’ results from the combination of ‘’Hera’’ and ‘’MI’’.

In Greek mythology, “Hera” is the protective goddess of women, life and family & “MI” refers to “Medical Imaging”.

Hera-MI’s vision & mission

The main purpose of Hera-MI is to use Artificial Intelligence to help early-stage breast cancer diagnosis in order to optimize patient care and save millions of women worldwide.

Our ambition is to speed up and improve breast cancer diagnosis thanks to the development of clinical decision support solutions.


Sylvie Davila



Sylvie DAVILA, PhD/MBA – Founder & CEO

Sylvie Davila, CEO of Hera-MI is a Doctor in Biology and a graduate from an Executive MBA. Sylvie has over 15 years of experience in medical imaging, in particular in clinical trials. Radiology product specialist at Siemens Healthcare and Hitachi Medical Systems, Sylvie also served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Keosys Medical Imaging for 6 years.

Mickael Tardy




Mickael TARDY – Senior Research Engineer

Mickael graduated from Ecole Centrale de Nantes and has 8 years of experience in IT development applied to medical imaging, especially in clinical trials imaging for which he used to work using the Agile method. Mickael is currently working on a CIFRE thesis in Artificial Intelligence applied to medical imaging.

Alexandre Balaban



Alexandre BALABAN – Chief Technical Officer

Alexandre is a software development engineer with 18 years of experience in medical imaging. Alexandre also has solid experience in applying the Agile method for all its R&D activities and he is experienced in clinical trials imaging and medical device product certification.

Ludmilla Potiron



Ludmilla POTIRON – Sales & Marketing Manager

Ludmilla has worked for 6 years in France and in the US as a Business Developer specializing in medical imaging and clinical trials. She has strong sales & analytic capabilities and interpersonal skills thanks to her experience in the US.




Lydia BEHLOUL – Sales & Marketing Manager – Europe

Lydia has 8 years of experience in sales and marketing applied to medical imaging and clinical trials.  She is experienced in writing and managing sales contracts as well as in the implementation of the sales strategy on a global scale.

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